Blending the Old & the New

Re- purposing the original materials in your home and adding modern amenities can make for an interesting blend. Sometimes a simple change can make all the difference in a room and provide a huge upgrade! 

Staying true to the original character of the building and adding sleek countertops and high-end appliances create a fresh new look. If your old brick walls are feeling dated, try brightening up your space with a coat of white paint. 


In a recent project, I used re-claimed mushroom wood to line one bathroom wall and mixed marble and modern fixtures into the rest of the design. The end result is truly unique.

Restore an old wooden floor and add modern furnishings. The iron accents in this space give it an industrial feel that pairs nicely with the warmness of the oak floors.

There are endless possibilities. Don't be afraid to push the boundaries - the blending of different textures and styles will make your home unique.