Pools, Hot Tubs, Saunas: Enjoy a relaxing lifestyle

Sauna with lights on.jpg

This week, the warmer weather is inspiring us to open up our pools, refreshen the garden, and invent new backyard spaces for our customers. Let your backyard become your quiet oasis. Whether it's adding a sauna, hot tub, or stone around your pool; a simple change can make all the difference.

The home shown above boasts a beautiful Gunite swimming pool, waterfall and a custom built hot tub.

2015 June 4 006.jpg

I love the cottage feeling of this custom outdoor sauna. It was made to blend with the homeowners landscape, here in the Hamptons.  Your structure can be designed to suit your home and personal preference.

15_SWEETEN_AMarch-42ndStCombo 1000w Hi Res.jpg

This stunning modern, open sauna really caught our eye!  Whatever your taste, your home or workplace sauna can be custom designed to meet your style.


As a home contractor here in the Hamptons.  I would recommend Ocean Spray for all of your hot tub and sauna needs.  I have partnered with this local, professional company in the past and can attest to their beautiful designs.  My customers love this new addition to their homes and rave about the quality. The photos of saunas in this blog are projects completed by Ocean Spray.  

The benefits of a sauna are plentiful.  Relax, rejuvenate, cleanse your mind, soothe your achy muscles and reduce stress and tension.

Whatever your dreams are for your backyard living space, they can be achieved.  We can help you design and construct your designs and bring some exciting, yet relaxing amenities to your home!