Initial Conversation

My process begins with meeting my clients on site to discuss every aspect of their project.  I like to know that we are all on the same page and that their vision will be carried out.  Knowing your expectations, along with your style and choice of materials will insure that everything proceeds smoothly. We will explore all possibilities and develop a plan moving forward that everyone is excited about.  Please know that the conversation never ends.  Constant communication with my clients is crucial in ensuring a beautiful outcome!





I have been fortunate to build strong relationships with some of the East End’s best architects, contractors, custom carpenters and skilled laborers during my 25 years living and working here. My experience with a wide range of professionals gives me the luxury of assembling teams with skills tailored to the unique needs of each individual project. Taking the time to understand and collaborate with my clients is a pleasure for me.  I have formed friendly and lasting relationships with many former clients and take great pride in not only the homes I’ve worked on, but those special people I have met along the way.


On-site Management

Keeping your project running in a smooth and timely manner is of utmost importance.  I remain on your job until completion. Scheduling my sub-contractors and material deliveries, along with being there to problem solve will be under my management.  My workers know that I expect a perfect job and I will not proceed without it.  I am a hands-on builder simply because I love what I do!  I believe in making the process not only productive but enjoyable.  My worksite is left clean at the end of each day and I am proud to say that I can stand by my work 100%.  From conception to completion, I am happy to be there for my clients every step of the way.


My Philosophy

Building another person’s dream home or renovating their existing home is a privilege that I take pride in.  As soon as I begin a project, I can envision the finished product.  This motivates me.  Working in a profession that I love helps me in creating something new and unique.  As the process moves along and I see something that might work better with another product or design, I bring it to the attention of my client and a new option is conceived.  The journey is so rewarding and creative that when I finally see the finished product it was all worth it!